Prayer Chronicles


Prayer Chronicles are somewhat fragmented today because we couldn’t help but get lost in His Spirit!

Pastor Sharon instructed us to bind and loose.  She also declared Grace and More grace. She asked for double in attendance.  Double to be released to come. 

Stacey~Expedite the work, the administrative tasks, the preparation, the packing and unpacking, resource preparation, the building of the platform, the work of the staff as they put the chairs up and the tables as well.    There is no oversight in anything concerning this conference.   We work circumspectly.  Multiply materials as needed Lord, as you multiply and double.  Miraculous happenings in even the natural things.  Everything is done decently and in order.  

Claudia~Double wisdom, double power, time, people, strength, anointing, awareness.  Double time!  Anointing for double!  The finances double. The healings double. Both eyes see. Both eyes hear. Each ear is in agreement with the other ear. There is no twisting of the Word.  When the enemy would try to cause double vision, we declare a seeing eye to eye.  The single eye.  The Spirit of peace.  You reign. Christ reigns in the midst. Thank you for the double pouring out and for preparing hearts. Thank you for increasing us.  As the woman went to get the water for the water pots, there is double space.  Multiplication.  More and more come!

Ps. Doris~Father we thank you for your presence in this room now. This is the year.  Now is the time! The women’s eyes shall be opened as never before. They will hear as never before.  Even in their sleep, they will dream and the next day it will happen. They will feel your very presence.  Let them lay on the floor drunk and unable to leave your presence. Supernatural signs and wonders as the day of Pentecost.  Bring a mighty rushing wind.  Bring an understanding.  I pray for every intercessor.  Supernatural knowledge to speak with authority, before the one who is receiving ever speaks it out of their mouth. Open our ears and eyes, that we may see and hear as well.  Encounter. 

Stacey~We loose counsel and might.  We loose understanding and wisdom. We loose knowledge and the fear of the Lord.  Let there be reverence in that place.  There is a reverencing of your presence Lord.  Thank you for your presence at the Wisp, in each room, with the staff, on the grounds there.  Where your Spirit is, there is liberty!  We loose liberty there!  Freedom in that place.    

Ps. Doris~We loose the spirit of seeing. That their eyes will be open wide. We bind up the spirit of fear that they will not be afraid at what they see.  They shall laugh because their eyes have seen.  No fear upon them. A breakout of holy laughter.

Stacey~ Pastor Sharon instructed us to pray concerning their belief. She likened it to the man who brought his son to be delivered and healed, but because of unbelief, the disciples could do nothing.  The Lord told the man to believe.  And he replied, I believe Lord, help my unbelief.   Last night, as I was studying, I was reading about Mary, when she sat at the feet of Jesus and broken open the alabaster box.  The scent of spikenard filled the house.  In my bible, I have that word circled and have written next to it, “belief and producing belief”.  Lord, let the spikenard be released.  As we pray and pour out our substance upon you, let the very essence fill their nostrils, producing belief!  Spikenard be released.  Permeate  that atmosphere!

Claudia~The joy of the Holy Spirit!  Great joy! Great joy! Oh the Lord has great joy in your midst!  Thank you for the feeling of joy! The feeling of your joy!  It lightens the load and brings strength to your servants.  The anointing of joy.  Oh, the pouring of the oil of joy! The pouring out of joy!  The great anesthesia. The surgeon is at work.  You are preparing, even as people would prepare at home for surgery.  We thank you for a cleansing.  Yes, there shall be no  hinderance! There shall be a free flow of joy! A now change.  We will not go against what you are doing by reasoning.  We say you are cast down in Jesus name!  Bliss is present!  We anticipate you! The awesomeness of God! Thank you for preparing Praise and Worship and the Sloans.  There is great agreement and one accord between the workers and between the leaders and speakers.  I pray that there will be a breaking of hearts before.  A breaking open of sacrifice.  We declare the sacrifice that you made to enable the sacrifice to come!

Ps. Doris~Father, we believe that you put everything in order.  You have put it in order that we are not to be there on Wednesday.  There will be no disruption. We will be there all day long! No chance for the enemy to get in there.  

(Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs)

Stacey~Not as you’d suppose.  It’s not as you’d suppose!  Full, full, full of the Holy Ghost.  Very, very, very full of the Holy Ghost.   It was the Holy Ghost in that alabaster box.  His scent filled the air!  When they smelled it, they knew!   The smell raised an awareness!  Very full.  She was very full.  The box was very full.  The house was very full. 

The water pots are very full of the Holy Ghost! The vessels shall be very full.  This is a picture of Pentecost.  He said to gather in a room.  She gathered in a room, all of the vessels.  The vessels were filled!  And the cruse shall not run dry!  Yes, in these days of preparation, there are some who have been gathering sticks, preparing for what seems like an inevitable death.  Gathering sticks to make a fire but we prepare.  We take of the oil and the flour and we prepare!  The cruse shall not run dry!  Resurrection power!  We loose resurrection power! 

I had a dream this past Saturday night or a vision.  I fell asleep for just a moment on the couch.  I was laying on my back swimming but I was  just under the surface of the water.  I could see my face smiling and this praise kept gushing out of me!  I said over and over again, Thank you Jesus for heaven!   I could see up through the water and I was speaking and breathing under the water.  As I looked down on myself, it was as if I were looking at a mermaid and there was a color on me!  It was like a brilliant teal or aqua green but it looked like the inside of a seashell.  It literally moved over me, like it was alive on me and that’s how I have to describe the water.  It would cling to my skin, like it was alive. 

When Pastor Sharon taught from Revelation about the river coming from the throne, and mentioned the testimonies of people who had experienced it, that was the river!   The river is here, now.  We can get in and stay in.

Ruth~ Let there be an emerging in the waters.  A submerging.  A baptism.  A washing away of everything that has held them and us back.  Let there be an infilling of this water from the throne of heaven.  And I see the fire and the water together. 

Claudia~  Yes, the oil, it smoothes it. There needs to be the buffer there between the water and fire.  Thank you for your presence. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Thank you for the three in One anointing.  Let the oil of your Spirit, permeate and soften hearts.


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Pam~I saw an old ringer washer and the Lord began to speak to me about it.  It was in agitation cycle, removing the dirt. The Lord said that He is the agitator.  It’s not the devil or the enemy.  He is working out the dirt and the old stains.    And then I saw the rinse cycle.  The Lord said not to add fabric softener.  No perfumes.  No dyes.  No comforts.   And then there was the ringer.  We are going through the ringer, we are being pressed and will come out rough, but that’s His plan.

Claudia~ I see the Shunammite.  That word “Shuna” means they sleep or double resting place.   And then there was the little boy’s head.  It was hurting him.  Elijah came into him and the seven sneezes came forth.  The seven is the complete cycle.  Complete repentance.  No more wishy washy.  No more seeing things happen and the seeing things come back.

Ps. Doris~We have forgotten too much what He has done in the past.  There was power and there was change.

Pam~I keep seeing the artesian well.  Continuous flow.  It will not dry up.

Lisa~ Now is the time.  We don’t even know what time it is.  But we know that whatever you have for us Lord, is good!  It seems like a time of unrest and a time of shaking but we know what you have is good. We spring forward into your time zone.  We hear the cadence of your heart.  It beats for souls and for the nations.  You are saying that over America. Now is the time. We don’t want to be like the unwise virgins.  We want to be full of oil.  Let us be prepared.  Spending time in preparation.  Not as Martha but as Mary.  Prepare us as we rest at your feet.  We relinquish the cares.  We believe as we sit at your feet that you are giving us strategy.   We supplicate and hear the wanting of your heart.  We say the things that be nought as though they are.  No delay. No delay.  No delay.  It’s your time! There’s something in the oven and it’s time!  We’ve been saying “it’s about time”.   It’s time to be filled.  No more half full but filled.  We proclaim the fullness.  Not one will leave empty.  The are going to be full.  No wanting for healing, deliverance, salvation, strategy.  There is fullness. 

Ps. Doris~I see taffy being made.  It’s boiled, poured out into a buttered pan.  And then, we would butter our hands.  It would then be pulled and stretched and put on a block to be broken into pieces.  It’s the process.

Claudia~We declare the rapture of the bride.  You are preparing red roses for each one.  You are presenting to each one, Your love.  I hear the words, wedding rehearsal.  Let it be in heaven as it is on earth.  Let there be a seeing into the wedding supper.  A reception.  There is a experiencing of the height, the depth and the width of His love.  He is making His bride ready.

The wrinkle is the restoring of the youth.  Without spot or wrinkle.  Time is in your hands.  It’s not too late. There is no condemnation. The message of the cross is understood.  Truth brings freedom.  The pillars are love. The foundation is set.  It’s all Your work Lord.  Your zeal will accomplish this. Thank you for the groaning of the earth.  For the shaking and the revealing of wonder.

Tim~The foundation be the rock of our Lord Jesus Christ. We cover the feet fo the people and declare them established upon the rock that’s there.  I see stones cut.  It is laid. The Ancient of Days, the foundation of the whole area of the Wisp. Sure ground.

Ps. Doris~New Wine.  They will leave with a desire for the new wine.  The fresh, sweet wine of spring of the year.  Such a party.  Such a wedding rehearsal. There is going to be a tapping of the keg.  It shall flow and many shall drink.

Lisa~ It will be like a reception.  There will be the cake, the wine, and the toasting.  Rehearsal, wedding, honeymoon and then the launching.  The bride had to be prepared and ready.  You told us to prepare and now is the time.  Perfect timing.  Royal wedding. 

Sheri~ I see the registry.  We pick out what we want but there’s always more.  Those gifts that we didn’t expect but that we love.  Beyond the registry!  There’s alot more to come.

Claudia~I see the fancy pen.  It’s gold.  It’s as if they are being written in heaven as they register for this conference.  Every guest is accounted for.  It’s the blood that makes us ready. I see that He has collected the tear of every woman.  We declare a collective answer.  We are bargaining and putting a demand upon it and we say grace.

Pam~Royal blood flowing through our veins.  

Tim~Is anything too hard for our God?

Lisa~ I see rose petals. The altar, the aisles, the platform, covered in rose petals.  You are the Rose of Sharon.  Your fragrance is going to envelope us.  We smell the roses.  Thousands of roses.  You are calling us into the garden with you.  You are calling us away for an intimate time with you.

Claudia~It was in the garden where Satan tempted the Lord and it was in the garden that he was defeated. The enemy was put to an end because you said it was finished.  You were buried in the garden and even thought to be a gardener.  There is no smell of death in the tomb.  But there is a smell of resurrection.  Thank you for the hedge of thorns around each one, each woman. 

Tim~If the bloodline cannot be crossed, then every devil and evil spirit is checked.

Claudia~Yes, a blood transfusion even in the womb. We declare that for all these women.  That you’ll just go ahead and do that for these women.  No drawn out deliverance.  We enforce the work of the cross on all the babies coming forth.

Pam~I see Saturday as a thankful day.

Lisa~When Julie and I were in California, we saw the vineyards and at the end of every row, there were roses.  Roses everywhere.  And on the beach there was a rose arbor, beside a lighthouse.

Claudia~We guard against the little foxes. 

Lisa~No little foxes to spoil the vine.  You are caught in the hedge.  I see the visitation of the angel to Joseph.  I see visitation to husbands during the conference so that they will no reject what you have done in their wife.  A new unity.  A new coming together.  Like renewing the vowels.

Claudia~Yes, as Mary was protected from the seed of man as Jesus was carried.  Lord, you are protecting this. The wicks are ready to receive the fire.  We are ready to receive the fire.  Holy fire come.  Baptize us with fire.  The fire will not be quenched. 

Tim~The fire is so that we and others can see.

Lisa~Each woman is prepared like a fire starter.  Like flint and steel.  The sparks fly at midnight.  We are going to ignite!

Claudia~It’s coming from heaven.  From above.  Not from the platform.

Stacey~Yes, we just water it down!  We water down every human effort, every motive, every agenda.  We sacrifice it!  Just like Elijah called for it to be watered down!  We say it’s watered! It’s yours Lord and we call forth fire from heaven to consume it! Each of us are the sacrifice upon your altar. Every speaker. Every intercessor.  Every worker. Just water us down God.  Water us!  We are your living sacrifices. Pour on your sacrifices Lord.  We call down fire from heaven upon each and every one!  We are your servants Lord. 

Claudia~ I see the fringe.  The most unlikely to succeed.  The fringe burns easily.

Stacey~ God asked me.  What does time answer?  Time answers “when?”.  Yes, there are so many “whens”.  Answers are coming forth.

Lisa~Yes. We have supplicated for the “what” and we know what.  But the “when” is so important.  There’s a right time. 

Tim~Pastor Sharon asked, When was Jesus born?  and I answered “At the right time.”  It seemed inappropriate but it was a question of when.  Just like when Jesus asked Peter, who do you say that I am?  And Peter answered, you are the Christ.

Stacey~ Yes.  He answered that He was the Resurrected One.  There is a different order after the resurrection.  You see the name Jesus Christ before the cross and after the cross, Christ Jesus.  What he knew hadn’t been revealed yet.  And the avenue He had taken was what Jesus came to restore.  He went to the Father himself!  It was Father who revealed it to him.  Resurrection power!   

This is the avenue we must take.  Jesus went to the Father himself.  Peter went to Father for the revelation.  It was preparation.  We must go to the Father for ourself. 

Lisa~Just like the flint box. The instructions say to practice yourself before it’s needed.  Get it yourself.

Stacey~ He is the True Vine and we are the branches. We must abide in Him before there is ever fruit.  Do we want wine?

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Lisa~We declare Divine calibration in this time of transition.

We lay hold of heavenly grants now, in Jesus name. We lay hold of them and bring them into manifestation in the earth now.  There is much rejoicing. We hear the sound of victory in the camp. We hear a tumultous sound!

Thank you Lord for plane tickets. Such deals! Amazing deals! We lay hold of them.  Unexpected income! We call it forth in Jesus name! Unexpected income! 

There is a stirring of expectation. Great Expectation! Our expectations arise to new heights and to new levels. Greater works. Greater miracles.  Lord, you don’t go backwards.  You move from glory, to glory, to glory.  Greater glory.  We will not go backwards. Greater glory is upon Pastor Sharon. Greater glory is upon each of the speakers.  Greater glory upon each and every worker. A greater glory upon the women. We are so thankful for the cancers that were healed, the backs and the feeble knees made whole.  We are thankful for divorces that did not happen and moves of God in churches.  But we declare greater glory.  The time is now. The power of your love.  Perfect love that casts out all fear. Lord take us into greater realms of intercession. Deeper realms.  You are big enough!

We pray for Pastor Sharon’s healing.  Out of her belly shall come the reactor. What the enemy meant for her destruction is turned around for her good, in Jesus Name!  It’s turned around. It’s a fast as unto the Lord now. Greater power comes to her now.  Thank you Lord for the turnaround in her health and the strengthening of her immune system.  A new strength now.  We receive it by faith. Thank you Lord for complete and total healing.  Health restored in Jesus name.  Perfect balance to every level in her body right now.

Claudia~Healer go forth to Prophet Tim today. Thank you Lord for blowing fresh breath into Him. Breath into his lungs and blow away infirmity and contamination.  Breath, breathe of God.  Thank you Lord!  Thank you that the prophet receives new wind today.  The wind of God! Thank you for laying flat everything that is not of you Lord.  For laying flat infirmity. What the enemy would try to lay flat in him. Thank you for the reversal. Thank you for the reversal now.  The reverse wind.  Every infirmity is reversed in Jesus name. It’s a greater wind! It’s a puff of air!

Lisa~I decree that there is a power surge.  I see two wrestlers.  He has his hand up, as if to say Prophet Tim is pinned!  But there is a power surge and he flips and the enemy is overturned and pinned!   The mat is slapped, match over! 

Claudia~Yes, he is as Jacob!  I thank you for the new name for him. That the wrestling is over.  You are bringing him into a new authority. Higher realms. 

Ginny~I heard this morning when I was praying.  The enemy was saying, he’s on his way out.  But we negate that! He is strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! He is an overcomer! He overcomes this now!

Jay~There’s going to be a wildfire! It’s going to spread!

Lisa~  Lord, we know that there is a correlation between what is natural and what is spiritual.  There is a nuclear reaction taking place now.  It’s Your glory.  It’s  radio active and it spreads over the land and changes everything. There is a nuclear reaction that is happening now and it is from heaven.  You are spreading your glory.  Your Word says that you will fill the earth with Your glory.  We say that it’s spreading. 

We are contaminated with your glory!

Claudia~Let is be God! Let it be! It permeates through every seal. We come against every false thing that would try to seal off God’s power.  We say, let it be God.  Come forth.  We live and move and have our being in you.  We put a demand on the very source of power and your very life. We partake of your divine power Lord.  That love God.  We declare life, life, life in us. We declare activation of that power within us, by faith, working through love.  The seal no longer is effective.  The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous are availing much.

Lisa~You have your nuclear power stations set throughtout the land. There is a release that is causing the light to be turned on.  The light of the revelation of Jesus Christ. In our families, in this church, in this region.  The topsy turvey has been part of generating the power.  You are turning it up! 

Claudia~Thank you Lord that we lift you up and you are drawing all men to you.  We lift up the name of Jesus in this region, nation and in the earth.  Jesus is Lord of all!

Lisa~ I see a little kid, like a two year old and he has his shoes on the wrong feet.  His clothes don’t match and are on backward. His hair is all messy.  Is that what we look like Lord.  Is that what the church looks like?  Dress us Lord.  Dress us.

Stacey~ I see that there’s something in his pocket!  It’s money and it’s on fire.  It’s burning a hole.  There are those have money burning holes in their pocket and that money is about to come in.  It’s not burning a whole to be wasted but it’s burning to be given.  Not to be spent as the world would have it! That’s a bag with holes!  This is for the Lord!   I declare fire! Fire on that money.  Fire on the money that’s been tucked away!  Fire on the spending money in the pockets! Fire on bank accounts! Fire on savings! Fire on the money under the mattress!  It’s time to sow! Sow it!

Claudia~ There’s confirmation to that! It’s St. Patricks Day and I see green backs.  Lord, your inscription is upon it!  It’s yours. The wealth is coming back to you! We are distributors of kingdom wealth.  We call it forth, the life giving bread. They are hungry.

Things are shaking loose today! We declare the shaking! 

Stacey~ I see our hearts as accounts.  Open your accounts.  It’s time to open your account! The word says, give and it shall be given unto you.  Pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give into your bossom.  Are our hearts open to receive it?  It’s time to open the heart.  Don’t miss the opportunities!  I see the man begging on the street, with the can. As he sings, the people come by and give into his can. It’s like that.  We need to be going into the streets and into the marketplace and open our hearts to them.  I see us carrying our hearts, like purses.  Lord, we open our hearts! We open Your heart to them and for them.  Let there be a return on that. Not that we put out our hand for an offering but let there be a harvest.  How much is it worth?  That Word that changes everything?

Jesus, we are bossom friends.  We are bossom friends. 

Claudia~I see you pounding on the chest and on the hearts and the door of your children!  Let Me in! Let us be as loving as you are God!  You stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears your voice, you will come in and sup with them.  Your love is the key.  Let there be a pounding on the doors.  No man can come unless the Holy Spirit draw him.  Come Lord and pound. Make a sound.  Burn in us, the deliverers.  You are pounding on the doors.  Give us no rest Lord, until your will and Kingdom is accomplished.  Day and night, you are knocking.  We help you with our prayers Lord.  There is an opening of the hearts. The hand of God is opening hearts today.  Move Lord.  You said you don’t do anything unless we cooperate with you.  A movement of your power Lord.  You said you would turn the stoney heart into flesh. 

Lisa~Thank you Lord that you are opening the treasures of hearts for the lost Lord.  But for those of us, who You are our desire, you are opening the treasure of our hearts.  Now is the time for the treasure to be opened.  You are unlocking. 

Ginny~Thank you for softening hearts and being our Comfort and guide.

Claudia~We declare a melt down in our hearts.  Even bigger than that nuclear meltdown.  What’s happening is tiny compared to the melt down in our hearts.We are not alone. You cause us to interact.  That we would be one, as you are One.  You are bringing fusion between your people. Actions and reactions in that Spirit of Love.  You are bringing the remnant together for a mighty garment of color, into a coat of many colors.  Lord, you are adorned with that coat of many colors. That weaving is being quickened by your Spirit today. We declare quickening in the loom today.

Ruth~Let what remains in the hearts be the gold. The purest of pure. Let is grow.  Let the gold within us shine out!  It’s your glory that shines within us.  Burn away the briers and the bramble that conflict with that you have in store.  Thank you for the burning to reveal the purest of pure.  We are asking for the impurities to be removed from us.  Thank you Lord.

Each one of those colors represent something special. Each has been designed for it’s color.  We are reminded of the promise that you gave us.  There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Claudia~Lord, thank you that the remains matter to you.  The bones in the valley were remains.  When other disciples walked away, there was a remaining with you. They said, where else would we go?  We ask that you would blow upon our remains.  The enemy is taunting us at our remains and saying, you are a ruined temple.  But there is a glory upon the remains.  We have no where else to go God!  Your glory upon the remains of WOV, He’s Alive Radio, our church.  Blow upon the remains.  What remains in us, we declare life to it! We say rise up! Arise and shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.  Come and blow upon the bones from the N, S, E, W!  Only  you can put us together.  Arise and rebuild.  We declare a rebuilding of the ancient ruins. 

Stacey~The Word says that the fire is shut up in the bones! Even in the rubble.  Even when that’s all that’s left.  There’s fire in it!

Claudia~We declare it to the enemy. These bones shall live.  We are living stones.  Lively. 

Lisa~Thank you Lord for resurrection power! Thank you Lord!

Claudia~The gates of hell will not prevail against your church.

Lisa~It’s already one! Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave! He arose! It’s finished!

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Prayer focus:

We have opportunities as a church and we cannot move forward without helpers.  We are lacking workers in this house.  No hinderance.  We must deal with this spirit of slothfulness.  We need technique in motivating others.  It has to be a perservering technique.

Children’s church, ushers, musicians, new opportunity.  We need faithfulness.  God will not entrust to us more when we cannot maintain where we are.  

He’s Alive Life Drive:  Redemption, April 11-15, 2011

Ps. Sharon~Let there be an effectiveness in the announcements for a drawing to this conference.   Let there be an anointing as new spots are being prepare, to speak to the minds and hearts of your people.  Let the testimony go out.

Tim~I declare that they shall not be hidden but displayed for all to see.   Let there be a hanging up, in windows and billboards in churches as well. 

Jay~Thank you Jesus for the WISP.  Let 500 women come in. Let those from the surrounding areas.  Let the sunshine be in that place and upon their hands for blessing.  Bless each one that comes in this house.  I see new members coming in.  The money is coming in for this conference.  Money comes to the women.  Sitters for the children. Husbands who release their wives to come. 

Tim~As Brother Jay prayed upon those places, their was light that came where there had not been.  And there is an exposing in places that there otherwise wouldn’t be. No more pushing aside or under.  Now is the time for it to be revealed.

Sheri- Open up our hearts. There is a revealing.  We are dealing with excuse itis now.  No more bringing stagnant water into the church. Bring a steady flow of your water, your word and your life into hearts now.  Pastor Sharon, I see manuscript manual.  It’s a new teaching.  It involves the whole church. It’s the carrot in front of them.  It’s the why.  There’s not a connection point between what needs to be done and why they should do it.    This will answer that.

Ps. Doris~Lord we pray for a new group of women.  Let there be a new group who have never been there before.  Let those who are searching and looking.  There are several groups of young mothers who need to come together for this conference.  This is a divine appointment.  A new blood, coming in. First timers.  Let them be convicted when they see a poster.  Awaken their souls so that they come to know you as never before.   Draw them in by your Holy Spirit.  You are working with them and you have a plan for their life.    It’s going to spread like wildfire.  More and more will hear of WOV as never before.  Fill the Wisp with those who have never beeen there before. 

Claudia~This year is different. We make that proclaimation. Different people. There is a difference being made. Oh, what a difference. What a difference. What a difference.  Advertising the difference in every aspect of this conference. A different approach.   Difference in the atmosphere, in the building, the serving, the miracles, signs and wonders. The difference on our faces. The difference in the materials.  A different fragrance. A different sound.  A different voice.  Different colors we have never seen.  Difference in the lighting.  No darkness.  From this day forward in the way we see what you are doing.  The way we see it. A different vision. 

Stacey~Participate in time.   I keep hearing this.  Participate in time.  (Genesis 8:22)  Lord, we know that as long as the earth remains, there is seed, time and harvest.  We want to participate in the seed.  We want to participate in the harvest.  But time?  Do we want to be involved in the time?  We would rather it pass quickly or more slowly but we must particate in it!  I passed by a door the other day that said “Clock Inn.”  It’s time to clock in! Clock in! Clock in!  In order for the harvest, we must take the time.  There will be no harvest without there first being time.  God has given us time!  Inasmuch as He has given us the seed and as much as He has given us the harvest.   He has given us time!   

Tim~It’s the needful thing. It must be. 

Sheri~There is a breaking out of the time piece.  Renew our mind with the timing that is of the spirit.  We align ourselves with the right timing now.  These young women are going to begin a momentum. The ball is going to roll forth.  They will be tweeting the happenings and posting them on facebook.  It is fueling a spark and an energy. We see the alignment in the spirit.  Things are falling into place.  The secrets are for the righteous.  Tune your ear to the clock master. He is winding it.  There is perfect time in the spirit. 

Claudia~We call forth the tweeters. We call forth the quick and nimble fingered. We call forth the youth and the communicators.  We call them forth. We declare a gathering of the birds that will voice it abroad. Even as this weekend is a spring forward, there is a gathering.  The free birds. We say you come forth. There is a freedom in the youth that the older generation does not have. We tap into that now.  The parents paid for it. We put a demand upon it now.  We are part.  You are instrumental in orchestrating that communication.  You come!  We release them to come.  Hands off Satan! 

That spirit of religion will no longer look down on the phone in the church service.  No more hindering communication.

Lisa~Stop watch:  Young people generally run short distances.  The older generation runs steady and long.  Speed drills work for both.  We need the sprinters.  But we can’t expect them to have the commitment of a distance runner. They are not built for it. Our expectations are trying to fit people here, when they are not going to.  We need to find the sprint races for those who are built for it.  And we need to give the endurance runners the other.  Not everyone is going to come to every service but they need to be a part.  We must engage them in that.  We have to recognize the sprint.

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Claudia~ I was reading the Women on the Frontline Book (by Michael Ann Goll). She speaks about the number 29. It means chosen.  She had dream about the bride of Christ.  She was in a wedding room and he was calling her number.  She entered the room in regal robes and her face looked totally different.  She stood in the court and faced the king’s son and he gave her a scepter.  This is the year of the woman prophetically. It’s not so much about that but about the lordship of Christ. We must be careful to keep our focus and not be distracted. 

Some scriptures that she uses to correlate are Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Peter 2:9, Esther 2:9, Psalm 29, Acts 29  She makes the statement that “There is not chapter 29 to the book of Acts because we are writing it.”

Stacey~ There is a strong correlation between Acts 2, The Upper Room &  the Throne Room.  This is going to be a throne room encounter.  Just like the upper room was prepared for them, to come and wait there.  The throne room is prepared for us now.  This is the place we are invited to come. Instructed to come that we would find grace to help in our time of need.  I believe that yes, this is WOV but the days ahead as well.  We are writing Acts 29, as  throne room people.  We have great need.  Mary, when she sat at the feet of Jesus had great need.   Jesus said that she had chosen the thing that was needful.  Our whereabouts reveal our “need”.

Ps. Doris~The story of John.  They questioned the Lord,  Why did he have to go through Samaria?  Jesus said, he  must need  to go.   There is a place where we must “need” be.

I see that Friday, the 29th, is just at the center of the conference.

Stacey~ And just as you said that, I saw a time capsule break open, like a medicine capsule.  The break was right in the middle and all the granules fell.  A time capsule is about to break open.

Claudia~This WOV is not about the women but about your Lordship.  We declare light over Women of Valor.  That you will do a unique thing in the marriages of this house.  Unite the hearts of the fathers to the hearts of the children. Our hearts are receptive to you. Your bride is receptive. This will be like a wedding reception.

Ps. Doris~Thank you Father that you are leading us by your Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has touched our lives so much Lord. Let us experience him as never before.  Let the glory of God permeate that place.  As we call on you, you will send the Holy Spirit to us.  There will be baptisms of the Holy Spirit. New tongues because of the majesty of Holy Spirit.  As they are standing and watching, they shall be filled with wonder.  Your Holy Spirit is so powerful and loving and caring.  Let them experience such love as they have never experienced before.  Let there be weeping and tears of joy.  Let them know their worth.  They will never feel without worth again.  There will be such power and might in this conference.  As we pour out the oil upon them, it will be so strong, they will physically feel it running all over their bodies.  There will be a perfume in the room, an odor they have never smelled before.  We will leave with the joy of the Lord upon us.  He has made us glad.  He has made us laugh!  We are expecting Lord! We shall see it come to pass in the days ahead.

Claudia~ Psalm 45

1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme

as I recite my verses for the king;

my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

2You are the most excellent of men

and your lips have been anointed with grace,

since God has blessed you forever.

3 Gird your sword upon your side, O mighty one;

clothe yourself with splendor and majesty.

4 In your majesty ride forth victoriously

in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness;

let your right hand display awesome deeds.

5 Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies;

let the nations fall beneath your feet.

6 Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;

a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.

7 You love righteousness and hate wickedness;

therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions

by anointing you with the oil of joy.

8 All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia;

from palaces adorned with ivory

the music of the strings makes you glad.

9 Daughters of kings are among your honored women;

at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.

10 Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear:

Forget your people and your father’s house.

11 The king is enthralled by your beauty;

honor him, for he is your lord.

12 The Daughter of Tyre will come with a gift,b

men of wealth will seek your favor.

13 All glorious is the princess within [her chamber];

her gown is interwoven with gold.

14 In embroidered garments she is led to the king;

her virgin companions follow her

and are brought to you.

15 They are led in with joy and gladness;

they enter the palace of the king.

16 Your sons will take the place of your fathers;

you will make them princes throughout the land.

17 I will perpetuate your memory through all generations;

therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.

Thank you for this union God that is coming. We will even smell your fragrance.  You are pouring out a special oil for the bride. We receive it as a gift Lord.  A special fragrance that will bring us throughout the year.   There is going to be an awakening of our senses.  All of our senses alive in you.  We will encounter you like never before.

Ps. Doris~There is a preparation, just as you prepared Esther with the oils to go into the King. The oils are going to be poured out upon us Lord God.  You are preparing us to go before the King.  We must go through these oils. Bathed in them because they are significant.  You are going to prepare us.

Claudia~We are ladies in waiting.  We feel like we must be about your business but God give us a grace to be in the hiram.  Keep us in the place of secret where royal things are going on. 

Deb A.~Prophet Tim said there is a laziness.  When I think of laziness, slothfulness comes to mind. And slothfulness in the Greek is defined as “losing our first love.”  Lord, I declare we are released us from this laziness.  Put the fire in our spirits and awaken our desire for you.  This church and this body, beginning with the head down that we would be released. 

Ps. Doris~Lord, you are the Rose of Sharon.  And just like on the Bachelor, he offers the women a rose and asks them if they will accept it, I see that you are offering us a rose.  There are many in line to get this rose.  They will be standing in line, waiting to accept this rose.  Those who seek you shall find you and there shall be a seeking with all of our heart.

Claudia~God, I thank you that you broke the curse. Thank you for the smelling salts that you are breaking over us.  You are causing your bride to awaken.  You said that we are the salt of the earth.  You are renewing that salt within us. We declare an awakening to our first love.  You are not condemning the bride.  You have been gazing upon us all these years, upon our beauty because you love us and you know the end from the beginning. Let this message ring clear.  There is no condemnation. Our lover, our Lord, has broken the vile over us.  We put away false duty now in Jesus name.  He loved Martha but He said that Mary had chosen the good part, the choicest part.  We take back what the enemy has taken from the bride.   We claim the pleasure of the wife and the joy of the bride!

Deb A~I see the rose he wants to give to the bride. But I also see an engagement ring.

Stacey~The engagement ring is Holy Spirit.  In Ephesians, it speaks that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.  The Holy Spirit of promise, the guarantee, is actually translated, engagement ring.  The Lord has fully engaged us by His Spirit.  Engage us Lord, as never before.   (Ephesians 1:13-14, “In whom ye also [trusted], after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.”)

Deb A~The rose is romance. And the Holy Spirit does whoo us.  When it’s over, we are going to be totally and fully engaged. 

Claudia~Thank you that there has to be that breaking and an acknowledgement of what He has already done on the cross. We will not succumb.

Deb A~I see Women of Valor like amazons.  I think of big beautiful women. That’s exactly what we need to be to do the job.

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Lisa~Thank you Lord that you have blessed us with every spiritual blessing. By faith we receive those and declare that over this house.  Every spiritual blessing.  You said to believe and then we will receive.  We believe. We come into agreement today.  It’s an act of our will. We chose to agree with every promise of your word.  We chose to agree in the power of love.  The greatest force in the universe.  You are love.  You don’t have it.  You are it.  We come into agreement with it now.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  Perfect love in each of us.  We come into agreement with it now.  Unified with the love that is in Jesus Christ. We cast off every care, wholly and completely onto you, knowing and trusting that you are going to take care of it.  We give it to you now. We enter into your rest and into the secret place right now.  Our greatest warfare is done in the secret place because we are hidden in  Christ.  Fill our mouths with the word that you want proclaimed today. Fill our mouths. There’s a two-edged sword in our mouths cutting asunder every assignment of the enemy now in Jesus name.

There is a two-edged sword in Pastor Sharon’s mouth as she conducts business today.  In Melissa’s mouth as she goes about business today, with every interview.  In as he brings forth prophetic utterance on Sunday.  In each of our mouths as we release worship in this house. This Sunday, there is an entering into the sanctuary with you.  There is an exiting of our comfort zone and an entering into the secret place.  We say come to all of those who have been wrapped up in their religion.  We say come in to all who have been looking for true love. Come into the hoopa. There is an open door for those who are hurting, for the lost, for the children and the aged. Come into the place of rest and into the place of peace. We create a sanctuary and an atmosphere.

I see there is oil that has been spilled round about this place and it has been ignited. There is a line of fire round about the people of this WLWC.  We say to the enemy, you cannot cross it! You cannot touch them. We say, it’s enough! It’s enough.  Your angels are on assignment to Pastor Sharon, Prophet Tim, the people of this house, the children’s church, the praise team, the business’s that represent this house and to the schools represented by the children of this house. Your angels are on assignment. 

We release prophetic utterance in this house and in Sunday morning prayer. To the greeters who shake the people hands and one to another because iron sharpens iron.  We release it to the praise team and in every aspect of ministry in this house.  We release it on the job today.  You said you would bring us before kings. There is a filling of Pastor Sharon’s mouth and Dr. Rebecca’s mouth in this meeting today.  The right words will be spoken today in Jesus name. The right words will be spoken that will bring the release in Jesus name. The right words are spoken between spouses today and between children. We lasso them and declare the right words.

I speak to ears that have been stopped up.  it’s like there has been dirt in the ears and foreign objects.  Spiritual barriers in religions and lies that have kept them from hearing.  I see hands over ears and we say hands off their ears right now! We proclaim this over the nation right now. Where there has been a blockage from hearing the truth, hands off. We say we have ears to hear.  We are not deaf. We know the voice of the good shepherd and we hear his voice. The voice of a stranger we will not follow.  

I see hands tied behind their back. There are people in this house who feel like their hands have been tied.  I cut the lies right now. Our hands are not tied because everything we set our hands to prospers. 

We declare that Pastor Sharon’s & Melissa’s hands are not tied. Prophet Tim’s hands are not tied. Dr. John & Dr. Rebecca, their hands are not tied in this matter. There is a prospering and the hand of the Lord is at work! The hand of the Lord is at work for us today.  Your arm is not shortened.  You are well able and we are well able.

Concerning WOV, everything we set our hand to prospers!  Now it the time! Now the time to prophesy and to proclaim for souls to come into your Kingdom. Now is the time for release! We declare the captives are set free. Now is the time. Just like when a judge hits the gavel.  There is a sentence but there is also a set release.  Prison doors are open and captives are set free.   We decree the key of release is in our hands.  We were given the keys but now is the time to put the key in the lock and turn it.  Now is the time of the open door.  We declare open doors to Dr. John & Rebecca.  To Pastor Sharon. To Prophet Tim.  Open doors to He’s Alive Radio. Open doors to the people of this house.  Lord, you were showing me streams of provision but there are floodgates to open. 

I am reminded of the passage in Ezekiel when the waters flowed over the thresh hold. There is a flow through the open door.

Ps. Doris~I pray for the prayer teams.  I ask for great revelation from you.  The same in all three groups.  A coming together in the spirit as never before. Thank you for your presence.  May we be of one mind, one spirit and one accord.  Prepare us and make us ready.  We will know exactly what we are to do.  Prepare us for what is to come.   Let the blood of Jesus Christ be poured out on each and every one.  You protection be over them and your angels given charge over them.  We come expecting to see miracles, signs and wonders.  You know every woman that is to be in that place.  Let every obstacle be removed.  Let them come expecting.  We believe in our hearts that there is going to be a great outpouring of your Spirit.  As we pray and know that we are of one mind, spirit and accord.  Let us be like the three-fold cord, as one. 

Deb A.~Lord, we praise you today because of who you are and what you can do. Thank you for saving us, healing us and bringing us into your fold.  You have made us worthy because of the blood of Jesus.  We worship you in spirit and in truth.  You are everything we need.   We stand in agreement over the church and over this people. That your will will be done! Now is the time and your will be done through the body of Christ and in this nation.  Forgive us for the sins of omission. We may not have done it but we didn’t stop it.  Father, we are empty vessels and we need filled with your power.  Let your presence and your glory walk with us.  We are crying out for your glory today that we would bring honor to you.  Great is the Lamb who is worthy to be praised! We give you permission to change us into people that you have created us to be.  Let the people and look and not see us but Jesus and your love.  Put us in alignment with your word Father.  Your word is higher than anything.  We offer ourselves as living sacrifices.  Make examples of us. Good examples.  I loose us from the fear of man. 

Lisa~I keep hearing that now is the time for encounter.  It’s for WOV but it’s for right now.  We are in line with a portal.  If you want to go, you can just go.  Just go.

(And up, up, up and away!  =) We’re coming Lord!)  Holy laughter ensued.  I’d like to call it “Fun in the Sun!”

Stacey~ This is none other than the house of God! This is none other than the house of God! 

What’s behind the door?

Laughable boldness.  I declare laughable boldness to enter in!

For you have crossed the threshold! Come boldly! 

Lisa~A new perception.

Stacey~No more an earthly upper room.  This is the Throne Room.  Yours is the throne room. I have said to enter in!  Boldly approach the throne of grace!

A new approach!  There is a new approach!  A new approach in praise and worship! A new approach in prophecy! A new approach in preaching!  A new approach in prayer! A new approach!  We have entered into with a new approach!

Ps. Doris~ The field is set and the bases are loaded.  It’s batter up! The diamond has been set.  It’s a triple play. Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.  It’s gonna be a home run! 

Lisa~It’s a sign because it’s 1-2-3 and you’re out.  There’s about to be a turning!  The enemy is out!  2011 is the year for women. For the first time this year, a woman has pitched batting practice at major league training.  She couldn’t play in the major league but to pitch batting practice, you have to throw consistent strikes.  We throw consistent strikes!

In order to have a triple play, the bases have to be loaded. It looks like the enemy is about to score but nope! 

Ps. Doris~The ball is clear out of the field. There isn’t even a chance of them catching it. It’s out of the ball park.

Stacey~The church has been leaning on ball park figures!  Saying , “Give me a ball park figure. What’s this going to look like?”  No more ball park figures.

Ps. Doris~It’s out of the park! 

Lisa~No more depending on the figures of man.  Enemy, what you have perpetrated against this house and against our pastor, enemy your finished.  There is a quick turnaround.

Stacey~I keep seeing the movie, A League of their Own. Thy are going to be saying, “She’s out of my league!”  Women of Valor, “She’s out of my league!”

Deb A.~I see shekinah glory coming from the top of the head and out of the fingers. The sparks hit the enemy and they are done. The shekinah glory. The glory of God will do it. 

Lisa~The finger of God. That’s just one of us.  We can do that on our own, to the enemy. We release the finger of God and do a prophetic act and say HA! devil!  He has given us authority over all the enemy’s ability that has been sent against us!

Ps. Doris~It stops here and now. 

Lisa~ Yeah, like the cop standing along the road. The cop just points his finger and “BOOM! You are done!”

Stacey~Thank you Lord for jurisdiction.  Apostolic jurisdiction is upon Pastor Sharon. Prophetic jurisdiction upon Prophet Tim and upon Lisa.  Prophetic jurisdiction upon every prophetic intercessor. We wear the mantles of jurisdiction, just as that cop does!  And when where we go, we keep the jurisdiction!  We have jurisdiction in our homes, in business, in the schools, communities and in the government.  We are pilgrims in this here and citizens of heaven!  We have heavenly jurisdiction!  Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Kingdom jurisdiction.

Lisa~No statute of limitation.  Even in the things that have been stolen from us.  We say bring it back! Bring it back!  A sevenfold recompense.  Yeah, spoils are good!     I declare generational recovery.

Deb A.~Not only what was taken from us, but our mothers, their mothers.  It’s our blessing. Lord, help us to recognize the power and the glory we carry just being your child.  Help us to see that. That we can stand in the gap.  We are a bright beacon. The enemy has to flee. When we are cloaked in your glory, the enemy flees because it’s your glory!  I cast down unbelief.  I bind us to believing in you Lord. 

Lisa~Thank you Lord, that you are work even now. The media is reporting all of the power struggles going on in the middle east.  But I see groups of people, hidden away praying.  We say there are power vacuums.  We come into agreement with them and say, thy Kingdom come and thy will be done! In all of these lands where things are being turned upside down. The tables are being turned on the enemy now.  We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for our brothers and sisters who may seem a minority but they are truly the majority in those lands. We stand with them in Jesus name!  Thank you Lord that you are transporting us in prayer, through portals of glory, you transport us so that we can release your finger.  We are well equipped. We are armed and ready. We have authority and there is power to back it up. The world is waiting for the true demonstration of authority.  It’s in the mouths of your people.  Not in angry mobs or in dictators but in the mouths of your people. Christians stand up.  Stand up in your homes and say that is enough!  Stand up in your communities and in our places of business and in our schools and say that is enough! 

We say that’s enough poverty! That’s enough sickness! That’s enough. Even those in this house who are being crushed by the wait! We release Your finger today and say that’s enough!  There is a lifting of the heavy burden. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.  Let the liberty bell ring across the land.

And concerning WOV, I release the people from the weight of what will be and the dread of how it will all work out.  All those expectations just fall away.  We just prepare.

Stacey~I see Esther preparing for her King.  Her interest was him.  Loving him, pleasing him, making ready for him.  Her eyes were for him!  And because she focused on Him, the people were taken care of.  Just look to Him, the people will be taken care of. The women will be taken care of.

Lisa~Yes, even as the wedding approached, the bride prepared herself for him and kept herself prepared because she didn’t know when the groom was coming for her.  We don’t know at what point You will come but we know You will.  So, we’re just ready.  It doesn’t matter which service or which day.  We’re ready.

Stacey~    We are not star gazers.  We want to see the Sun!  We want to look directly at the Sun! 

Lisa~ Yes, no sunscreen here!  We want the heat of the fire.

Stacey~ And no veil.  No shades or sunglasses.  We don’t want to shield our eyes.  We want to see You!  We want to see the Sun!

Lisa~ And we know that the Sun of Righteousness is risen with healing in His wings.  We want to see You!

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Pastor Sharon~We must start fervently praying for Women of Valor.  We cannot be negligent to do that.  I keep hearing the 100 days the Lord spoke.  I don’t know how to prepare other than soaking in his presence.  We need to pray for women to be released and for church leaders to come.  Those who are hungry. 

I keep seeing fire when I see the conference. Fire has to do with many things.  Purging and purification.  The enemy takes flight.

Ginny~2 Corinthians 6:2,

Don’t receive the glory of God in vain.  They were restricted by their own affections.  The God of peace shall crush Satan under your feet shortly. 

Isaiah 52:15, For what has not be told them they shall see and what they had not heard, they shall consider.

Lisa~ The fire…what is being spoken to me is that there is a fear of the fire but we must embrace it because it is his love and His glory.  Religion teaches us to fear the fire because there is something wrong with us.  But that is not the purpose of it. He is the fourth man in the fire and we must not fear going into it.  Light is the revelation, the seeing and the exposure.

Alot of what everyone is experiencing, this storm. It’s like lightning flashes revealing what we didn’t see before. It is difficult but it’s good.  There is a surfacing and it is coming first to the church.  The world does not see power. They see a whole lot of other mess.

Ps. Doris~ It’s Holy Spirit.

Lisa~The power is love.  I read this week, the Blind Side.  Sandra Bullock did not want to play Leann Tuey and the only thing she knew of Christians is that they are all talk. 

Ps. Sharon~The whole world is plastic and no one wants to reveal themselves and their issues is because of the fear of rejection.  No wants what is fake. 

Ginny~ Let there be no hinderances on the lives of the ladies and any who would come. They have eyes to see and ears to hear.  We pray for miracles, signs and wonders.  The saving of souls.  We pray for finances for them and transportation.  Preserve their coming out and their coming in.  Make a way in their families and no guilt for coming.  We say that there is physical restoration.  We pray all of this in your name Lord. 

Ps. Doris~ I bind the spirit of fear from these women.  I bind the spirit of fear and poverty that would cause them to think they cannot afford to come the conference.  I bind the fear that would cause them to fear for their husbands and children.  Fear will not come upon these women at this conference.  We will not tolerate it and we put a stamp on it right now.  The Spirit of Freedom is upon them and peace that passes all understanding. 

Claudia~Father, I thank you that love is in the air. Your love draws and allures these women in.  There is a revealing of your love God that casts out every bit of fear.  We are yearning for real love. There is a preparation, just as the virgins were prepared with the oil in their vessels.  We repent of coldness and admit before you that we are totally ineffective without the Holy Spirit.  We ask for zeal today, that we would dig the depths of your love.  There is an oil you want to pour out.  We cover the speakers Lord.  We cover them now.  We declare that as they bring the word, there shall be a changing of the landscape.  I see oil rigs covering the landscape because you are raising up this house as a house of prayer.  We come unashamed. We are not guilty.  The past is behind us. We realize and we are aware that the enemy has nothing on us. 

Lisa~Father, I ask that you would anoint us to demonstrate the reality of your power. That at the Wisp, there would be such an outflow of your Spirit. That the landscape of every life would be changed.  You always call us to lead by example.  Change the landscape of our lives with the inflow of your Spirit. We cannot spend time in your presence and not be changed.  We have seen and experienced so much but there are times when we are dry.  Release your oil again and lubricate us. Grease us up so that we do not squeak.  Lord we want to make a difference.  Show us to change the world of the one. 

Lord, your grace is sufficient.  Your grace is sufficient.

Stacey~In my time with the Lord, he has been speaking to me about resurrection power and how we are to be yeilded unto Him as instruments of righteousness.  Righteousness is perfect alignment with God.  And I’m seeing the passage that says that He has set us in an even place.  I declare both vertical and horizontal alignment.  His word declares that every valley shall be exalted and every mountain made low. The crooked straight and the rough places plain.  The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.  Let there be a leveling and a changing of the landscape.

Ginny~I have had it repeatedly going through my thoughts of a painting that I’ve done. It’s peaks and valleys of light.  It reminds me of the radio station and the voice, how it creates peaks and valleys.  I saw it opening as a dawning and the light peaking, almost like a clamshell opening up in space.  There were steps and I realize now that its from faith to faith and glory to glory. Restore our passion for souls.  Let us win lost souls for your kingdom

Mary Ann~I see a projection t.v.  The inner structure of a projection t.v. is a mirror. The light shines into the mirror and it reflects the image.  The light must give a clear presentation onto the mirror. If there is a speck on the mirror, the image is distorted.  The only way to fix it is to take it completely apart.  That mirror must be cleaned.  It can be a tedious work.  We must start from within.  If it doesn’t start there, how is it going to be received.  It must flow in before it can come out.  My prayer is that we start from within. The only way to see revival, victory at Women of Valor and souls coming in.  Our focus is to start from within. 

Lord, I declare that we start from within to remove every particle and every hindrance that we are projecting, that they may see you clearly in us.  Your hope and your glory. That they  may behold the wonder that you are.  In this house and in the church as a whole, let us come to the realization that we must project you and not life circumstances. 

Lisa~There is a revealing of the speck. The dust is our flesh.  Remove it in the way that we minister, pray, preach and love.  Remove the smudge of religion from us.  We brag that we are not religious but we are.  We raise our hands at the same time and sing the same songs but free us from this weird, silly religion so that there is true image. 

Ginny~There is something else about the mirror in cameras and video projectors as well.

Claudia~I see all of these mirrors. Each of us are a mirror. We represent His diversity and we are a beautiful diamond. We declare that by the power of your Spirit. Whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things…..  There is a great washing and cleansing by the water of the word.  That we would not receive and smudges on our mind.  Thank you Father that in the waterfall, there is a washing.  We declare the mind of Christ.  We think like you.  You did not have one negative, fearful thought.  We thank you that even in the things that may seem harsh, like the cleansing of the temple, there was love in that.

Lisa~Teach us to be angry at the right things. Teach us to know and discern what to be angry at.  Let us not be so lily livered that we would be afraid to say what is right and what is wrong.  Your love for Father’s house was portrayed in your anger.  Let it be done in an unspotted way.  Revive that in us as warriors in prayer.  That there are times when anger has to be released on the enemy. The fierceness of our God against the enemy. Strengthen us so that we are no longer afraid to speak what needs to be spoken and deal with what must be dealt with.

Like Pastor Sharon said in the beginning, enough is enough. Are we willing to take a stand and declare that enough is enough.

Claudia~That will change the landscape.  That will change the landscape. When Brother Garlock got mad and decided to fast, God revealed that to him. He saw the superficial things. Thank you that your changing is lasting and strong. It’s permanent. 

Stacey~It’s the mouth of the Lord speaking!  What did it take?  What kind of sound came from you Lord, when those valleys and mountains moved?  It wasn’t a pretty little song, like we make it out to be.  No, there were hindrances and when His voice spoke, the valley yielded and the mountain bowed to it!  That’s the kind of sound that is going forth now!  It’s changing the course of things! It’s changing the flow!  It was a voice and a sound that brought things into alignment. The crooked became straight!  This mouth you have given us Father, it was created to be enlarged over the mouth of our enemies. We are equipped smite upon the jaw and break through his teeth.  And we do! We smite this one who has taken hold of the sheep and the people or your pasture and we break through his teeth! We say loose them! Loose! 

I declare we are uncommon in this house! You said Lord that we are!  Peculiar and uncommon!  For too long we have been raising our hands on command and clapping on command! We are not puppets on a string!  Enough is enough!  It’s time for the uncommon to come forth! You desire that we would worship you in Spirit and in truth! Not in Spirit and religion! Not in Spirit and tradition!  I declare the ways of religion and tradition are broken! Stagnant regimen!  We level it! We Level it! We level it!  Everything that has hindered  Spirit and Truth! We level it! 

Spirit and Truth, have your way! Spirit and Truth, have your way! Have your way Lord! 

Father, break the chains of programs in our children’s minsitry.  Loose us from the restraints.  You said, “A little child shall lead them.”  Let the kids lead! It’s time for them to lead!  Teach us how to raise them up.  Uncommon children.

Claudia~We must reach into our own well and our own cistern.  The seed is awakening to seek and to dig our own wells of revival.  Let there be an activation of that.  It’s going to have a spindle top effect! It’s going to be messy. But let it be drawn out by us in our secret place. Each one has a voice and a word. Each one has a facet of your glory.  Your angry that the diamonds are not being formed and that your children are not coming into maturity.  We ask for maturity to come. Not one be left behind.  You are going after the one. Just like in Hortan Hears a Who, there was that one that needed to be heard. There was that one making a sound. And we declare it shall be heard. Enough is enough of the enemy stealing our inheritance.

Sheri~We are carrying around our coal and we think it’s good enough but the refining fire will bring the diamond from the coal. No more short changing ourselves against his standards.  The standard is against 100.  On a graph, we measure against 100.  In money, we measure with 100. 100 means the beauty of the heavens.  The promise of heaven was for Abraham and Sarah. Before Isaac could come, their image had to be changed. The shaking is for us, to change ourselves according to God’s standard.  Take your eyes off the coal and put them on the diamond. We thank you for the narrow path.  There is a narrow path to bring forth the promise.  Our eyes are upon the light of the promise.  I declare diamond in the rough…church in the rough…do not get caught up in the process. It’s just a matter of time because  My glory is eternal.  My promise is eternal!

Claudia~In a diamond, there is rainbows all throughout. That’s the promise of glory.  When the light reflects on the diamonds, the rainbow just exudes. Those are the promises of God.

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Pastor Doris~Lord as we commune with you, it is our breath with your breath. You are doing great things right now and you are preparing us for what is to come.  You are breathing upon us, what we are to do in this world.  You have breathed on us, the Holy Ghost that we will might breath Him into others as well.  This is what it is going to take to bring them to you and to do what looks impossible.  We are going to see the miracles, signs and wonders such as we have never seen before.  Breath into our nostrils once again, the breath of life and the Holy Ghost with fire.  You said, Greater works will you do than I because I go the Father.  It is time for this to happen, for eyes and ears to be open.   We must seek those that are lost and bring them in.  The miracles, signs and wonders are about to come.

Claudia~ Lord, thank you for what you are arranging now.  As the winds swirl around and arrange things, you are arranging.  Strengthen the intercessor and this church as we gather together to pray.  Let us flow with your voice God.  Bring the newness of life to our personal prayer lives, that we would create a mighty wind of praise and petition.  You brought forth lightnings to hit the prayers of the saints. There is power in prayer and a new faith arising as we speak.  We are faithful to pray what you speak.  Bring a consuming fire in our midst.  A consummation and unity.  A rallying of those who have lost hope.  You are expanding, not just our lungs and our capacity to speak forth life but you are expanding the tent stakes and the house. There is an expanding by your power and by your breath.  There is an expansion of territory and of your kingdom.   The angels are on assignment today to the heirs of salvation to bring forth the mighty laborers.  Breath of the Lord, breath upon the army and upon the slain.  Upon those you have called.  Those who have been slain in the spirit, there is a formation in their minds and an understanding to the things you have for them.  You have paralyzed us in many ways that your power would come forth but we call it forth.  Let it be for Pastor Sharon and for this house.  How do you want it to be in the days ahead and in Women of Valor?

Thank you for the heart of the matter.

Pastor Sharon~ As I was driving up here, I had an open vision. When I saw the sign, Welcome to Garrett County, everything turned to summer.  I could hear strangers saying, we’re here in Garrett County, as though it was a tourist attraction.  I remember the first time that I went to a National Religious Broadcasters Convention and they put our state directly after my name on the badge and it said, Sharon Johnson MD.  And there’s something about the split.  At the very next exit, there is a split.   The kids from that area are sent to a school in the next county. There is something with that.

The water shed is there also.  It takes two directions there.  One pours into the east and the rest westward. 

It’s a desirable place in the summer.  It’s temperate.  It’s the only season that is not severe. 

There has been a notice of those who have been raised up in Garrett County.  A young man who played poker.  We were also recognized by yahoo as the Deep Creek Lake area.

Pastor Sharon~The Lord spoke to me a couple of years ago about web streaming our audiences.  Someone has come to me and said, what would it cost to buy cameras that you could buy DVD’s.  We must pray, price the equipment, and there must be a follow through on their end.    Three cameras. 

Claudia~ This is the year of the seeing too.

Pastor Sharon~ Individuals are going through intense warfare. Something good is about to happen.

Stacey~ Since Pastor Sharon has said, Now is the time, I began searching the scriptures for the word now.  And Acts 2:33 speaks of the Holy Spirit being shed for, which we now see and hear.  I thought it interesting, since we do not see Him.  But this is the time now that He will be both seen and heard!  We have entered into that time!  I’ve also been impressed upon to ask in this season.  Jesus said, to ask in His name and whatever we ask, He will do, that Father may be glorified. (John 14:3)  I was both compelled to ask and convicted that I have not asked enough because when we do not ask, Father God is stripped of His glory.  I believe that in this time of preparation, this one hundred day period, we are to ask, ask, ask.  Will we deprive God of His glory?  The Lord asked me, “If you knew that the prayers you prayed today would be answered tomorrow at this time, what would you ask of Me?”  He has given us a time frame!  And it has been prophesied in years past! His glory revealed! Glowing in grace and glory!  The time is coming for His glory to be revealed! What will you ask?  And there shall be a glowing, just as there was in Goshen.  Even when there was gross darkness upon the people, so much so, it could even be felt, there was light in Goshen. There was a glow and a glory that could not be extinguished.  We are the carriers of that same light and that same glory!  

Lord, we ask now!  We have faith for the asking.  We ask for souls.  We ask  that your people will come in!  Paul said, I must apprehend that which for I am apprehended of Christ!  He was saved to save others!  We press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  This in not a consolation prize!  This is not for our comfort but this is a prize of arbitration! God has said to call forth the arbitrators.  Those who have been chosen to settle the controversy between God and those who oppose Him!  It’s time to bridge the gap and bring salvation to the lost! We must preach the gospel!  We say to the Kingdom Arbitrators, to rise up!

We ask for miracles, signs and wonders that you have  promised will accompany the preaching of the word. We ask for a confirmation as never before to the Word, even this Sunday.

We ask for finances to be loosed to the people of this house and for this ministry!   You are our Source and our Portion! Our exceeding great reward!   We ask that, according to Your Word, that the devourer be rebuked for everyone who gives their tithes and offerings.  We ask that every lie and source of lack be driven back and denied entrance into our lives! 

We ask that not one among us would be sick, according to Your Word! And let there be healings, healings, healings.   Not one leaves sick.

We ask for wisdom Lord.  You said that those who lack in wisdom should ask and you would give it liberally without finding fault with us.  We ask in that grace Lord that you would give us wisdom.  Let us ask wisely. Wise asking! 

Claudia~ We take our place just as the place was given to Solomon, to ask.  We ask for wisdom.  It brings forth the answers.  He who is wise, saves souls.  Wisdom cries out. Wisdom speaks.  Wisdom for out family members to answer them. The confidence. We are relevant because of you.  Words of wisdom.  We walk in the power of your wisdom Lord.  Kingdom wisdom.  As Solomon received the kingdom, we receive. It is for the glory of your kingdom. Thank you for the expanse. 

Sheri~The arbitrators have a voice to set the course, a clear path. There is a new beginning from that point.  Thank you for our placement here.  Maryland is called America in miniature and we represent what is about to go forth.  Garrett County has the largest land mass. There is room to allow for what is going to happen here.  The Keyser’s Ridge business park, there is going  to be a flourishing there. Things are set!  Thank you for those who come into our lives who plant seeds in our mind, giving a vision for the new.  Thank you for the influx of people coming into Garrett County, who are going to be a part of what is here.  There is no immigrant mentality here.  When coming into an area, the mindset is to bring that which was behind into that place but there will be no little China or little Italy.  They will live off this land and incorporate what is already here.   

Ps. Sharon~I see these coming.  There are going to be many wealthy.  A place of retirement for them. 

Claudia~Not just for this generation but for the generations to come .  We thank you that the inheritance will not be stolen.  We make that declaration today.  We put notice on the enemy. It cannot be stolen.  You are revealing the inheritance.  We lay stake and claim and we ask for the inheritance. We not only ask for the nations but for this place.  We ask for this place.  You are calling gatherings of communities.  That is the longing of the heart…for community.  As it was in Goshen.  Harmony and a sense of community.  There will be links with other communities.  Let this be  a desirable place.  We don’t despise our inheritance as Esau but we embrace it, all that you want to give us Lord. 

I declare mountain moving faith for this region.  For you people.  The declarations are the asking. We are not being haughty.  You said to declare a thing and it shall be and ask, it shall be.

Stacey~ The highways, the thoroughfares and byways are opening up to this region.  There is a bidding taking place now.  Just as the man was preparing a wedding feast for his son and sent forth the servants to do the bidding.  Many have been bidden and refused.  They made light of it and had other things to do. There are even those who have persecuted the true servants who were calling.  The servants are being sent once again to invite and the good and the bad shall be brought in together. I see those who have been wicked coming and I’m hearing that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.  I see that the bad, these wicked, are worthy of the call and they shall be made just.  And because of that, there is something transpiring.  A turn over in the spirit.  The wealth has been laid up for their new man, for the Kingdom’s work.

Sheri~ Thank you Pastor Sharon for sharing about the spiritual seeing.  You are showing us the things you are doing in the future.  People say, it will never work here but it WILL work here.

Ps. Doris~ The lighthouse is here so that they may come

Claudia~Now is the time for the delivery.  Bring the cameras and willing servants to learn. Thank you Lord that it will be a way for them to see.  We put you on notice Satan, you are rebuked. You cannot touch what God has spoken.  It’s going to be easy because it’s time! You only will receive glory.  It’s going to be a pure work.  There is a protection over this ministry and the radio station.  There is a seeing and a hearing that will open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf.  Let it be voiced round about.  It is Your orchestration, a pure and holy work, conceived of You, in Christ, in Jesus.  Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Sheri~ Let there be no discord between what is said and what is done.  Thank you for this opportunity.  There is no fallout, triple down from the money, seed flow of the money.  No holes in the bag. What is said to be there is there

I have been seeing a Garrett County flip.  A tourist and business industry.  Instead of leaving to find jobs, there is  going to be an influx of people coming in with jobs.

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Present to pray: Pastor Sharon, Pastor Doris, Lisa Butler, Claudia Valenta, Tim Livengood, Stacey Blubaugh

Pastor Sharon-Father, help us to number our days.  You said 99 days today.  That we would be prepared individually and together, corporately. We are preparing a place for you. For your glory.  For the next step and the season. Show us what must be done daily, weekly, monthly.  I’m seeing 3×33.  It’s 99.  Show us God.  We haven’t gone this way before.  I see the nine as top heavy.

Tim-It roles over into a six.  He created everything in six days and then rested. 

Pastor Sharon-If we are counting down to Friday, what is Thursday? 

Lisa-The scripture that keeps coming to mind, is that He left the ninety nine for the one.  We must focus on the one.  One on one. Very individual.

Claudia-Greater works.  Not done individually but altogether as one. 

Pastor Sharon-Let us see the people.  Not the crowds.  Prepare our hearts for compassion.  You saw the one in the tree.  You were traveling and the one who was blind.  You went to the pool of Bethesda and said, do you want to be made whole.

Tim-There must even be some passing by to get to that one.

Pastor Sharon-The one at the well.  You had to go through Samaria just to get to the one.  Each one here, reaching one and changing one. 

Pastor Doris-It’s an allignment.  A lining up with that one in Christ.

Lisa-Our focus has been fragmented. We have been trying to be all things to everyone. Each time we come into this house, there is one.  We must come into allignment with the focus so that each one is ministered  to and not one is left behind.  That’s been the plan of the enemy, trying to distract.    We have been out of allignment with just that one thing. 

Pastor Sharon-Just like the rich young ruler, he was lacking one thing. 

Lisa-Show us the one thing.  There is an adjustment for each of the ninety nine days.  We ask for the one thing that we cannot miss for today. Show us what is primary.  By the blood of Jesus, we lay hold of January 20, 2011.  We lay hold of you, the One today.

Pastor Sharon-I see mile markers on the highway.  When you are traveling and you are counting down to the state line. Every mile has a different view.  Even though there are similarity. Some mile markers have exits for rest or refueling.  Every mile has a purpose and you can’t miss and mile and get there.  This journey must be purposeful.  We must be alert.

Lisa-There is a strategy for each mile.  You don’t run mile one like mile 8.  We ask for endurance.  This isn’t a sprint.  It’s a marathon. There are aid stations along the way.  Make us aware of when it is coming.  Thank you for revealing. Before  race, you are given a map with the elevation of each mile so that we are prepared for each mile.  We ask for that map today so that we can be prepared. 

Claudia-Father, I thank you that our bodies stay on that road, that we will veer to the right or the left.  We are expecting and anticipating what we do not know.  It’s a road of total trust in you.  Keep us watchful and prayerful.  There is an annointing to keep us steadfast adn always abounding. It’s progressive.  He will bring more and more light as we go.  Thank you for the one on one and face to face with you.

Lisa-The key to finishing is pace.  Each have a different goal in mind but each have a pace.  We won’t run it the same way.

Pastor Sharon-I pray for provision for the shoes.  It’s our biggest investment.  We call in the money for the shoes. The more we run, the more we need.  I see we have been running in the wrong shoes and there has been injuries.

Lisa-When you don’t have the right shoes, it messes up alignment. 

Pastor Sharon-We call in the harvest from this conference.  Where there has been seed sown.  This year!

Lisa-We not only call it in but we receive the harvest.  We must receive.  It’s an active word! We actively receive it by faith now.  We seize it now!

Pastor Doris-Let us be like John the Baptist in the wilderness crying, prepare the way for the Lord.  Make His way straight.

Stacey-What I’ve been hearing is cast up, cast up the highway.  That’s Isaiah 62:10, Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people. The door is open!  It’s time to make way for the people to come.  Remove every hindrance to their coming.  Jesus is the standard!

Also,what I hear concerning Thursday is that it is Holy.  A day reserved and set apart for Him. Holy unto the Lord.  A Holy day.   

Claudia-We are creating a path for souls.  We are making way for others to come. The path is clear of obstacles.  We are removing the rough stones.  There is a way being made, where they have not been able to see.  You are the way, the truth and the life. There is a placement of feet in the way.    The way of truth, peace, joy, prosperity and grace.  There is a great annointing to be set in the way and a propelling to go.  Every false assignment of the enemy is cut off and every road that would appear to be the right way. There is a warning in the way that will be made visible.  There will be a fear of the Lord that will come.  Put the angel with the sword in the wrong pathways now.

Tim-I keep seeing blinders that are used on a horse in that path.  It parallels as we travel that highway.  There is a prize to be obtained.  We will stay the course.  You are saying come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Thank you for the shoes to carry out the gospel. 

Lisa-We declare that there is a putting on the armor. That our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. We recieve them and we put them on.  We walk in your provision, health, prosperity and wholeness.  We walk in it. 

Claudia-Thank you Lord for the shining armor that your children wear along this road will provide the light.  Enlighten us to who every day.  No more abstractly thinking of them.  But there is one for us to connect with to bring to this conference.  It will be easy for your burden is light. We cast off all the false burdens and we take on your yoke.  Thank you that the angels are along the road.  We have help and we are not alone. Division ceases now in Jesus name. There is a great vision.  We see the great vision as a body and we each have a piece.  Halelujiah for the victories ahead!

Lisa-I keep hearing a hundred fold.  A hundred days and the hundred fold.  The parable of the sower is the master parable.  It’s the time of the full corn in the ear.  I was running one day this fall and they had just harvested the fields.  The road was so full of full ears of corn that I could hardly find a place for my footing.  We must purposefully place our feet.

Tim-We must purposefully walk. Purposefully run.

Lisa-Handfuls on purpose.

Pastor Sharon-You were seeing corn and I was seeing cows.  Four cows. 

Lisa-One for each season and one for each quarter.

Claudia-I keep hearing the centurian.  He had a hundred under him.  Thank you for multiplication of the harvest.  Great multiplication.  It’s a hundred fold turn.  The years and the time of the Lord are bringing the fruition.

Pastor Doris-We have always looked ahead with expectation but this is the year of Great Expectation.  This is going to be the greatest outpouring as never before.  You have put it together and lined it up.

Claudia-Great expectations. The worst of times and the best of times.  It’s the best of times for us. 

Stacey-I too have been hearing Great Expectations.  I was watching The Cutting Edge with my kids and it’s a story of two skaters.  One was a figure skater and the other a hockey player.  It was an unlikely combination but they made the winning team.  The figure skater gave the hockey player a gift.  It was Great Expectations.  And in hearing hundredfold and I see the sheepfold.  I believe there is a coming in of the sheep but just like the centurian,  there is a certain number.  But what comes to mind is the call of the Shepherd.  I see the Lord walking in the garden and calling for His sheep, for Adam & Eve.  I hear Him saying, Where are you?   That’s the question that must be called forth at this time.  Where are you?  Hear the call.  Just as we have asked for and been given a map, it’s time to find otu our location.  Where are you?  There are those who are outside of the sheepfold who must come in.  Those who have stepped out unknowingly.  Others who have been gone astray.  Where are you?  It’s time to pinpoint your location.  Father, open (our eyes and) their eyes to see where they are.  X marks the spot! Are you on the map?  Are you on the path?  Right now we arrest the ones who have come in another way without regard to the door.  We say come out from this place.   We point to the exit.   We arrest the thief and the robber now.  We also take captive every thought and every imagination that has exalted itself above Your Word Lord and your Person that has driven them out.  We cast those down now and say the sheep are released to come now.  Come into the fold.  Father has also been directing me to pray concerning the core of this house.  When I was going to the gym, the trainer told me that the strength doesn’t come from the arms or legs but from the core.  I see a picture of Moses when Aaron & Herr came alongside to help.  The strength to uphold and come alongside was in their core.  I declare that it’s in our gut to do it!  I declare a core resolve to stay alongside and come inside!

Tim-I keep seeing feet being put on the path.  Those who are to be, their foot is in the door.  I see the commitment to this place. We thank you for follow through. That because the foot is on the path, the other will follow. 

Great cloud of witness. Hebrews 12:1-3 You let us run with the endurance, the race is set before us, and set our gaze on the author and finisher of our faith.  (scripture)Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.  For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

Claudia- I see with the foot in the door, the blind, the mamed and the afflicted.  Even if they only have one foot and one arm. We call them, those who are afflicted.  The orphan and the widow.  We thank you for a seeing of these.  They are welcome on the highway and on the road.  The face of this church expels the lies that they have to be fixed up to come.  We call them in who are in the dire straights, who need you now and don’t think you are welcome.  This road is a welcoming path.  It’s well lit and safe.  Even those caught up in religion will come.  We say welcome.  You are welcome to come by the blood of Jesus. Even those barriers that are hinderances are torn down now.  We are a church without walls and barriers. Every stumbling block is removed in Jesus name.

Tim-Hospitality rose up in me concerning this house.  There is provision.  A hospitable welcome.  They may feel they are not worthy to receive but there is a hand out from hospitality. 

Lisa-And what you described when you were praying, I saw in the natural.  The ones  who were soldiers and only had one leg went first.  There was a mob of thousands of runners and the whole mob cheered as they came down.

Pastor Sharon-There are those on the sidelines cheering along.

Claudia-There is a hospitality of the people on the sidelines.  They are volunteers.  So Lord, I thank you that in this time, we freely receive and freely give.   There will not be a hinderance to the two way giving and receiving in this time.

Tim-There are no limits upon the hundredfold.  Yes, there is multiplication.  David Avenzeeni said one hundred fold is the best possible gift.  Lord, you give the best possible gift.

Claudia-We are walking on your word that says, there is enough to give.  You provide seed for the sower. No robbery or theivery in the giving. 

Tim-Portholes of glory.  According to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  Along the way, the portholes of glory.

Claudia-A ship with portholes that we will reach out into the wealth and see the treasures along the way and take them in.

How much joy that the truth of who He is, is displayed.  Thank you that we are a part of that.  With each day, you have made a way.

Thank you for the joy of the Lord along the way. 

I also keep hearing 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall. The songs of the sower. Not the song of the drunkard.  Let us be drunk on new wine. That’s good.  But the songs of joy.  We say to the enemy, it’s our turn.  Hand outs. You are handing out the drinks along the way.  Thank you Lord.

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As we entered into prayer this morning, Pastor Doris shared that yesterday as she was driving, her car was filled with the smell of fresh-baked bread.  She was on the highway, so there was no explanation except that this is God.

She also shared a dream she had that she was baking bread and the smell was amazing. She said that there were so many loaves and she had them on the counter cooling.   A man came to her door and said to her, “So I hear you have a new ministry.” and she replied, “Yes, It’s called ‘I Need A Miracle’.”

This was confirmation to me, personally, because I have been invited to share this weekend and the message is on, “I Am The Bread.”   (The main text is taken from Luke 11:5-8.)   I shared some of what God has put in my heart for Sunday, so I won’t get into the details of that because much of it is prayed out again in praying for the Word Prophet Tim will carry and for this house.


Ps. Doris-Fresh bread is coming into this house on Sunday. There will be an enduing with power from on high.  Your spirit is fire and you are firing up the ovens to bring forth the bread.  The bread has been rising and rising.  We will taste of it and see that the Lord is good.

Sheri-We are hungry for You Lord.  Just like in recipes, the bread and the crumbs serve as a binder and a filler.  Your bread fills us.  We just come against complaining about the bread.  Just like the Israelites complained coming out of Egypt.

Stacey-That is confirmation because what I have been hearing is the words from that passage. They said, “our soul loathes this light bread”.    Father, we receive your bread.  Forgive us is we have been rejecting the bread that you have offered to us. I say that the bread will not be rejected.  This bread is not to be esteemed lightly!  There has been a waiting for the weighty bread. The bread heavy with what is perceived to be glory.  But the bread is light.  The glory is light at this moment.  Do not reject it.  Do not reject it.

It was when the bread was loathed that the firey serpents were released.  Moses brough the staff with the serpent and held it up, so that they could look upon it and live.

Lord, let Prophet Tim come with the staff.  Let it be upheld so that there will be a reviving to the Word of God, so that the bread will be received.

Sheri-We want more. Faith without works is dead. The weighty glory will make us sluggish.  The bread is necessary and the carbs are perfect for the runner.  Forgive us for not running.  We repent for wanting more when we haven’t done with and used up what you have given us.  We repent for getting fat on the bread.  Fire us up Lord, so that when we take in the daily bread, we burn it up and are fueled.

Claudia- It is the fire. There is a hidden manna & bread we don’t even know about.  Like what was offered to the woman at the well.  You said, there is a bread that you don’t even know about.  We ask for that bread.  We ask for the fire of your gaze that we would see it.  Help us to see the hidden manna. Thank you that you are giving us this bread.  Give us this bread.  It goes with the wine.  We must have both. That the tangible working God.

Ps. Doris- We must have the daily bread.  You are the bread of life that we would have bread. Without you, there is no life.   Let us partake of you and be filled to overflowing.  A breaking and partaking of bread. Filled & refilled. The bread is good.

Claudia-  David partook of the shewbread as the was fleeing from Saul.  It’s going against religion.  We are a house of bread. The house of partakers.  We won’t just leave it on the altar. We will eat it.

Ps. Doris-Nothing will keep us from eating the bread and nothing shall come to steal the bread. The enemy shall not come and take the children’s bread.  It’s our’s to partake of and we shall eat it and have our fill.

Sheri-I see the Little Red Hen.  There is a gathering of those who are willing to not only eat the bread but to put the ingredients together and bake it. 

Ps. Doris– Let us not forget to ask for the daily bread.

Claudia-We put ourselves in the place of that man with the three loaves.  We want the bread for others. We want the bread for the nation.  Give it to us. Help us to boldly honor you &  to demand the bread. Let there be an outbreak! Do it again! Do it again! Simple persistence! A shaking and a sifting of the wheat have been taking place.  You are separating the chaff from the wheat. We put a demand on your promise for the first of the wheat.

Stacey-  I see the 12 loaves of shewbread and I see the 12 disciples.  There is about to be a breaking of bread in mass quantities.  I see Claudia’s Sunbeam Bread.  Light Bread.  It builds the body twelve ways.

Stacey– I see expiration dates on boxes of food and expiration dates on canned goods.  The expiration dates are passing us by.  I see rotting bread.  Yes, He has given us our daily bread but I see it’s expired because it’s been left unopened.  It’s been sitting on the shelf and sitting on the coffee table.  I see specific words for specific days, expired.  God is the persistent Friend.   He has been coming to the doors of our houses.  You see, there are friends coming to His house in need of bread, so He comes to our house.  Won’t you open to Me and give Me bread?  What have you done with the ingredients I have given you for your daily bread?  Why haven’t you baked it?  He is persisting now.  They are coming!  Will I have nothing to lay before them?  Will I have no bread to offer them?  It’s your bread I need.  Open to me?  I compel you to open the recipe book and make the bread! Open the book!  Don’t let your daily Word expire! Don’t let it go to waste! Don’t leave Me with nothing to offer them. Awake. Wake up! Get up from out of your bed and meet Me at the door.  They are on their journey now.  They are in progress.   When they come, will there be bread?

You ask why the house of God is not full.  I require bread from your house first. 

Yes, there are some who have baked the bread but haven’t made but one loaf.  Disregarding the Trinity.  But it’s three I require! It’s three!  Holy Spirit must have his place on My table!  Make the three loaves!

No more giving the bread in the denominational bags! We tear the bags off! We say no more! We remove the ties that have bound us!  We prepare a new bread! Three breads in One!  All twelve grains!

Claudia-The salt must be in the bread. All ingredients.  You are the recipe Lord. 

Ps. Doris– It’s time for fresh manna & a fresh-baked Word from heaven.  even your disciples need to be filled time and again. So must we be.  The greatest Thanksgiving dinner this house has ever served up is about to be served up!  Filled to overflowing. The times are changing and you are doing a new thing.

Claudia– Your wheat si the golden wheat, without tares.  Pure, amber waves of grain.  We see the fields of harvest.  Even they are the bread.  It’s all about you. 

Ps. Doris- The United States of America is called the Bread Basket of the world.  Lord, you brought forth this nation.  We feed the nations.  We feed the world.  Let us not forget where the bread came from.

Sheri-Little Red Riding Hood.  you are clothed with the color of righteousness.  But the fairy tale is over!  No more frolicking through the woods with a bread basket.  This is no laughing matter! There is a path to the House of God! Little Red Riding Hood, it’s time to grow up!  We disdain what we can laugh at.  His Word is not a cute story!  America, you are going to the see the cloak of righteousness.  You are going to see into the bread basket. There is a different ending to this story!

Stacey-No more loathing the bread America! You have been loathing the bread basket!   There is a mandate on this nation!  To go into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature!  Do not disregard the creatures! You have been housed up too long!  You have closed doors!  But it’s time to open!  Open!   I won’t relent! I am a relentless, persistent God and I insist that you feed them! I insist that you make the bread! 

We say open to the doors of the nations!  That they may come in! The fields are white for the harvest and there is precious grain to be added to bread of the basket!

And we say no to the bankrupt mentality!  There is seed for the sower and bread for the eater!  There is seed to produce the bread. Sow it!

Do not leaven the bread!  We extract the leaven now! The agenda & the motive! The bread that comes forth is sincere and just! No more taking agenda to the nations!  It’s been a bad mix! Today, it’s new.  Today, it’s made good.

Sheri-There are tools that have been given to us to cut away the skin from the wolf and to reveal the fox!  Just like Paul Bunyan carried the axe and cut the timbers of wood! We cut away the woods!  There is a difference coming! It’s coming from the church and from the house!

Claudia-The staff of bread is the standard of righteousness.  The Word of God is the standard and it shall be established in the government.  The church of America arises today!  The standard of righteousness establishes this nation. Your staff is being raised. Today we lift up the name of Jesus!  Draw all men unto you! We praise you Lord! You are the hidden manna!  The kingdom comes.  We thank you Lord.

Sheri- I see the process of bread.  The mixing of ingredients and then the kneading and punching.  After that it rests and the towel is placed on it.  The towel has been placed on the bread and this is the rest when you don’t have to touch it. 

There is a coming out now. Global loaves are being pulled from the oven.

Ps. Doris–  Mosques are tares to keep the wheat from growing. The day is coming when the Lord is coming to take up the tares and cast them into the fire to be burned.

Claudia-Do you love me?  Feed my sheep.  There is coming a distinction between the rotten and the good. The word is spreading.  You are opening the door for the gospel to go out!

Ps. Doris-

Judges 7:13-15

And when Gideon was come, behold, there was a man that told a dream unto his fellow, and said, Behold, I dreamed a dream, and, lo, a cake of barley bread tumbled into the host of Midian, and came unto a tent, and smote it that it fell, and overturned it, that the tent lay along. And his fellow answered and said, This is nothing else save the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel: for into his hand hath God delivered Midian, and all the host. And it was so, when Gideon heard the telling of the dream, and the interpretation thereof, that he worshipped, and returned into the host of Israel, and said, Arise; for the LORD hath delivered into your hand the host of Midian.

The barley loaf is tumbling!

Claudia- It includes the full counsel. No hindrances to your working.  There is a wisdom in waiting until the fullness comes.  As you tap on the loaf and it’s ready. We’ll hear that sound.  When it’s hollowed out.  Hollow us out. Thank you for the emptying God of all that’s not you.  We don’t fear it!  Let the loaf rest. This is the resting time. Let it rest.  

Just a few notes:

A while back in prayer, Lisa told us that this is the year of the barley.

Also, Tim Livengood said he has been hearing, Hot Cross Buns.  Which would perhaps mark Easter?

Pastor Doris called this afternoon to tell me that when she got her mail today, that David Wilkerson had sent out a letter that said, “Pass the Bread!”

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